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Palladiotype Supreme Dry Print Out Kit
For Inkjet Negative Contact Printing

$44.99 + $8.30 S&H ($53.29) 

This kit is especially appropriate for digital photographers working with inkjet negatives.

The Palladiotype Supreme revolutionizes fine art printing with palladium. This kit is the only printing process that uses a chemical approach (the socalled "Magic Iron" that has the same effect that dampness has, if you are lucky, in other processes) to print out palladium on fully dry paper. The hydrated paper dependent Ziatype palladium process is estimated to take 6 months to learn how to get a print reliably. That means six months of hydrating sheet after sheet of pricey paper, emptying bottle after bottle of very pricey palladium, all to get, at best, a weak, mottled image. Over and over and over. Think about what six months of that means? Ziatype still sound tempting? Fo a faction of what you would waste on a Ziatype kit (around $250.00), you get instant prints with the Palladiotype Supreme kit. Frustration and waste is so 20th century: with this kit you can start printing palladium immediately after opening the box, not after months of wasting time and money.

Why print palladium? Perhaps you are a wedding photographer, or a portrait photographer, or architectural, or fine art photographer. Working professionally, selling prints to clients, you can recoup your initial investment of just a few hundred dollars (for all the miscellaneous extra doodads that you need: refer to the Instructions) very quickly. Do you have clients, such as brides, who would want a portrait in real palladium? You can sell a lot of inkjet prints and make a little, or a little number of palladium prints and make a lot. Or a little of both. It's another marketing option.  

With the Palladiotype Supreme kit, you have the option of buying with the kit a paper that the inventor of the process uses almost daily. With this paper, you are guaranteed to get palladium print out on your first attempt. Your brushing may be a mess, you may stop the print out too soon and get a light image, or not soon enough and end up with a dark image, but you will get an image every time you coat paper and expose it to UV light (or sunlight) in contact with a negative.

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The Basic Palladiotype Supreme Dry Print Out Kit Consists Of:

Optional Add-ons are an excellent medium weight paper guaranteed to print out palladium, and iridium chloride that enhances blacks in your prints:



Basic kit, as above: $53.29 (Kit plus $8.30 S&H) Click to purchase with PayPal

Basic Kit with 3 ml 5% Iridium chloride: $67.29 Click to purchase with PayPal

Basic Kit with 10 sheets of paper: $71.79 (Kit and paper plus S&H with higher USPS  shipping cost of $14.80) Click to purchase with PayPal

Basic Kit with both 3 ml 5% iridium chloride and 10 sheets 9”x11” Legion Revere Platinum) $85.79 Click to purchase with PayPal

Instructions are included with the kit. You can read them online as well.